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built you towers

built you towers
in this heart of mine,
hoping you’d want
to stay a while.
but time and I
are bitches, true,
pushing out
those who love us, too.

and then one day
you’ll stumble-in,
look around
at the walls torn down,
smile at the laughs we had,
and go live your life again.

I forgot why we fell out,
only remember
those wants and wails;
hoping you’d come back soon,
but soon moves on
and all’s left is
past to laugh at present
while future bides
its time waiting to be found again.

need a hook,
well how about this:
took note
of your favorite things,
scratched them off
determined to give you
all you want, not realizin’
i’d been takin’ ’way your
want of me.

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