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Why fear Death?

Why fear Death? Why give yourself to Death, before Death has taken you? Is that not slaving over supper, when it may not be eaten( soon)? Why go through such strife, such lacking of the self? You have a chance to be happy, to be full of life before, perhaps, it is taken. We have everything around us to fill ourselves with, to give ourselves weight against Death’s snatching of our bodies.

I wish I could say that, upon stumbling on an appointment with Death, we have our memories, our fondness of the days preceding, but some of us do not; I wish I could say that we have our family, our friends, or our loved ones (however fleeting they may be), but some of us do not. Instead, I say that there is much around us to fill ourselves with; whether a comedy in our situation, or a drama in our whereabouts, we can fill ourselves with life lived & living.

Why succumb to the diagnosis?

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