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Quotes Infineight

Try not to be
Worried about what is outside of you.

Try to remember
Who you are when you are alone.

Try being better
When you could be much worse.

Try finding
Where you hide within yourself.

Give up on finding fame. It’s worth being mediocre, so you can live a life worth living rather than worth seeing/seeking/being unhappy. Select all of your old works and be proud of them and that you can’t remember your craft, so you never have to worry about repeating much more than a few lines. Be careful of looking back; if you do, know that apologizing is always worth its wait.

So much time to be sad, but I’d rather be happy and warm beside you. So much time to be mad, but I’d rather be happy and warm beside you. So much time to sleep, and I want to be happy and warm beside you.

Dreams are a way to be and be forgotten.

How many sit/stand/crawl and realize who they want to be is attainable, but life has a funny way of changing our minds?

Found another way to be happy. Found it without trying to be. Found another way to be happy. Found it hidden behind dreams let roam too far out of the mind.

Now, don’t get me wrong, hard work or chance play as much a part in who we are as any part of our lives, but there’s a reason viewers outnumber the viewed and we should be OK with those odds. Makes it worth it, don’t you think?

We hold tight to ideals and understandings that are not offered, no, but placed before us as proofs of a grand scheme, wherein we, the sapient few, know what more there is beyond sight, in emotion, that most worldly and yet intangible of the uncounted senses. Perhaps we would be better served by holding away from us most ideals and understandings, until time when we, grown and lived, can find and touch in thought what makes us important, where we see we will be. Or, perhaps, we should be satiated by the prospect of returning, physically, to our makeshift world, this most beautiful abnormality and its hangers-on.

That may be mean to say, but I mean to say it.

“Come in backwards, so you can already be on your way out.” – Ontario Hallman

You can’t claim autonomy and depend on conversation to survive.

Don’t get too deep into your own shit that you forget to flush.

Early enough to be dangerous, late enough to not be tired.

Behind every gracious defeat is a pained heart.

Guiding yourself through life with laughter and kindness often leaves you seeming weak and immature, no matter the sophistication you display along with them.

We live, we exist, we feel, we focus, yet we rarely just be. Laying, standing, sitting still and gathering the senses describing the world around us can be rewarding if we choose clarity over movement of the mind or body.

What use is a light in the twisting tunnels of thought, they which constrict and constrain focus to be pointed, not broad?

The mistakes we allow residence in our lives are the successes we have yet to create.

Greeting a friend, coworker, family member, or animal is not as stressful as greeting a stranger. Not because of first impressions or assumed reactions, but because of acknowledgement and acceptance of another into your collection of thoughts. Imagine not knowing someone, yet feeling connected to them, if not because of fleeting introductions, but because of recurring expectations.

Humanity is a disease who knows they can change, but chooses to continue to remain the same.

When awe gives way to understanding.

“It is a soft touch which takes you down, sir, not a strong arm.” – Candi

In the fold, but on his own.

Perception is the cage of the mind.

Perceptions are the hands which carve away at the world, leaving but an image of what was once immeasurable possibilities.

The best people are too humble to know they are.

Empathy, and acting on empathy, are the most important ingredients for life. They conquer fight or flight.

Not everyone on a boat is sailing the ship.

She is the softest blade.

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