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I grew up with you in my eyes,

I grew up with you in my eyes,
Holding life ahead to hope
The days would waste away without
Really being used by
All of those mentions of something more,
What when I know now I could have
Had more time with you.

Her hands rush to his,
A shock/she must have
Snuck that static ‘fore
They touched, but,
Her hands rush to his,
Her eye locks on
Those unanswered
Potentials asked of
Him, he who falls
Shoulders in her sight,
Likening to the marionette
Let control himself– how
Foolish to think him capable,
Though all can learn like
You taught me to be better
Than who I had been, who
I wanted to be but couldn’t see
Without you to walk with me
To where life would lead, obviously
A place much more welcome than
Where we had come from, where
These blinking cen-ti-se-con-ds count
Down to revolving doors coming
Back around, letting us be found
And falling down like marionettes
Let control themselves– how
Foolish to think us capable.

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