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I got more than 99, but that ain’t braggin’

This skin I’m in
Holds me more
Together than
A mind so shallow.
I wait to wade for tide
And avoid the future flow,
‘Cuz I’m livin’ in the ebb,
My toes buried ‘neath the sand,
Like life is so much better where
I can’t see the wash comin’ in;
I got 99 problems, more?–
Should I even account for the past,
Or make this about where I am today?–
I got 99 problems, more?, but
I got them blinders on, tellin’ me
The future’s all that’s worth seein’, see
We livin’ like now gets us there alone,
But, nah, you gotta look ahead ‘n’ know
You, me, we all get there eventually.

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