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I recently found that I was using the improper, “okay,” when the correct spelling is, “OK.”  I would go back and update my prior works to the correct spelling, but I would rather be reminded of my ignorance.

From this point forward, please know that I will correctly use, “OK.”  If you see something with, “okay,” you can correctly assume it’s an old work, or I was tired.

That said, I try to be grammatically correct and use correct spelling with most of what I do.  It’s hard in the land of poetry and creative writing, because there is so much pleasure to be had from confusing the audience or being ambiguous, and grammar, punctuation, and spelling tend to make being ambiguous a difficult task.  However, I certainly won’t use what is universally thought of as correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling if it clashes with my own beliefs. See, “till,” versus, “’til.”

Also, I do not like run-on sentences; I use coordinating conjunctions and punctuation, where appropriate.  I am a student of stream of consciousness.

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