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pieceful bee

i got a million lines, but you’re not gonna last long enough to see 30.
got bars in front of me but i ain’t complain’in’, nah,
i’m just boppin’ my head to the one and now the next, playa’–
hope you see me not as the threat i’m meant to be, but as the
knowledge you can make it if you stop accepting the pessimism
so familiar to the anxious and doped into thinkin’ the world’s theirs,
but we, together, can take the lease and lean a bit straighter,
keepin’ it even with the wall and not slanted no more–
keep my name out ya’ mouth and my words in ya’ heart, ‘cuz i
just want to move you forward, keep chasin’ those bars like
they ingots ‘n’ not a cage, though there’s barely a difference
when you take a step outside the mind and see we’re all in kind.
i actually want to give a fuck but they’re all used up on
the bullshit/hypocrisy of another day in a world we claim is
beneath the heavens and not part of ’em– kind of like how
a wheel is still part of the car, not like we’re free from
the gravity laws; nah, we’re just coastin’ along like
the hubcap rollin’ to the shoulder, but wait– nah, we’re not,
we’re still a finger on the hand flippin’ off the universe as we pass,
like we’re not part of the whole, just an obnoxious tyrant with no land of our own– nah,
like we’re not part of the whole, just
an obnoxious tyrant with no land of our own– nah,
like we’re givin’ everything we are to somethin’ we’re not
and not gettin’ back a damn thing, except the realizations
we’re different somehow from everyone else experiencin’ the same;
but what if i told you the world is a beehive and you’re just
stuck in the darkness, hatin’ on the bees flyin’ out to
bring some back to you, a byproduct of givin’ back to the world–
hold on, though, i’m not sayin’ that’s everyone, nah.
we got the ones stayin’ fat with the yellow like they
can’t be bothered with the community, just themselves–
that’s why i respect mr. buffett and mr.+mrs. gates,
those who recognize the health of the hive depends on
every resident, not just those who can afford to survive.

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