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(funny that) we practice inertia only when we’re already moving.txt

a couple things got me down lately,
making me think the world is forgetting me,
helping my ego shrink, my ballast sink;
i’m trying to be a better person as a result, but
my heart is heavy and my feet are dragging;
i’m rolling along a way i wish i could control, but
my head is down and my eyes are lagging
behind all there is to comprehend, all there is
to take in and appreciate; “you know the sun? yeah,
that one– it’s still shining, brightly, son”–
i just need to hear that once from lips other than
these fingertips, but all i do is smile and keep
moving on like centrifugal force is the only motion
i know.

a little bit more here:
hardly ever given up, just given in to all
the temptations i’m allowed like wondering if
i’m the only one who knows we’re all in
the same planet and it’s not infinite– far from it;
i can now talk to my buddy on the other side of the globe,
but we can barely walk by someone beside us and say hello–
it’s a fucked up world where i think i’m alone
and everyone else feels the same way, even though
we’re all right here– we’re all in the same planet
and it’s not infinite– far from it;
we can now write one thing and it’s immediately available to all.

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