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Writer’s Block

Grab those words
From the air–
Those words you
Know are there,
Though know not
How to take.

Just write– as
You breathe, just

I once wrote because
I had thoughts to jot;
Now, I write to leave
What needs be said.

When I was young,
I fell into the Current;
Flailing, throwing arms
As a young chimp does.
When I grew aware,
I saved thought for Now;
Living, losing sight
As a side-blind equine.
When I grew to stand,
I gave cause to Walk;
Restless, full-trotting
As a year-old lab in [a ]field.
When I stayed still,
I gained Root;
Knowing who I was and
Who I am,
As does any being
When tasked with
Continuing on.

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