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the diary of a mad man

just because i sit here,
wandering my mind when i talk to you,
holding on to everything i can’t fit my arms around,
shuffling back and forth in this
old man sweater you hate but love
because you know now that’s who i am,
who i’ve been since i was 10 and you
hadn’t met me yet to change my mind
just that little bit into the better
man i am now that i have you to tell me
what i can’t see, but know enough to listen.

i followed my heart when my hands tried to tell me
the only position through is huddled by
a screen, lit with others lost in translating;
but, i followed my heart when you came calling
and acted out all the ways i never knew but
always saw how i should be when you’re standing
in front and i’m beside: a shift, a question,
a kiss, and we were on our way to being who
time’s told us we were always s’posed to be.

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