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Black and Decker Corded Electric Lawn Mower MM1800

Last fall, we purchased this Black and Decker lawn mower, shortly after we purchased our home.

I decided on the model because it’s electric, which is cleaner, easier to maintain (no bad gas concerns), and I wouldn’t have to replace a battery that cost as much as the machine within 3-5 years. Also, I have a smaller yard that a cord can cover and they were on sale. So, there’s that.

Since Spring started, I’ve been mowing once a week. While I’ve had no issues with how the mower cuts the lawn, I did notice that the orange lever on the handle was becoming more and more sensitive to where I had it. I couldn’t keep the lever flush against the handlebar anymore, but had to keep it a half inch off.

Annoyed, I decided to take the lever apart (which I’m apt to do). Of course, i had unplugged the mower first and performed the below fully aware that I am responsible (as you are) for my (your) own actions (you’ve been disclaimed).

Luckily, the lever is held into place using a few screws. Don’t worry, the piece is screwed into a specific spot on the handle to avoid slipping down the handlebar.

I noticed that, much like our hands-free soap dispenser, the lever was just a plastic piece used to complete an electric current between two metal pieces and engage the motor. Unlike the soap dispenser, this switch wasn’t broken, but merely a bit out of place.

After I (slightly) adjusted this switch, I screwed the lever housing back together and plugged the unit in.

With a careful pulling up of the lever to the handlebar, I heard the switch move as it should and the motor started.

Successful, I had a beer and mowed the lawn the next day (don’t hate).

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  1. Mowrobotics Mowrobotics July 13, 2012

    You should have took the lawn mower to where you bought it, I think it’s still under warranty.

    • chris chris Post author | July 13, 2012

      That’s great advice for most people. Unfortunately, I purchased this demo unit at a charity auction, so I didn’t have that option, but always sound advice for a major purchase.

  2. Tim Tim Tim Tim July 19, 2012

    Hey Chris, do you have AIM? If so IM at Tim.931

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