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i’m alright

have you found a song you
can’t live without when you hear it
but forget its existence when you’re most in need?
i forgave myself (or maybe i haven’t)
for all the nights i spent watching life, surrounding me
with motions i don’t know but envy anyway.
killing time, but forgetting to
when i need to most;
i’m forging my way with memories,
but unsure where they’ll take me;
holding tight to the radio, hoping
that song comes back i’ve often heard
when things were better/but i know
it won’t on this station, no, and i can’t tune
what’s in my head.
i’ve forgotten more than can be counted on,
given myself a means to be without care
just enough to give a… i’m alright, though,
i’ll be just fine; just need to keep in mind
all the times i’ve fought my way through
by staying the course/by being the same
and maybe i’ll be something worth moving for
when the motions stop to let me in,
or this head gets lighter and i can walk once more.

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