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for candi

he use to sit around,
mopin’ ’bout where he’s been;
she use to sit around,
hopin’ that he was interested in…
all the times she kept lookin’
after words were said.
… and all the pauses between their
visits became shorter,
like heartbeats; they were growing warmer
to the touch.

intimacy plays a major role in how we perceive a relationship, right?
it’s not just touching or reciprocation of feelings.
intimacy describes how we view the other person.
we either respect them, tolerate them, or use them.
rarely, but often, we love them. and, by love, i mean
gathering your day and casting it aside in favor of
a moment with…

there was a time when i fought for who i never met,
for who was so far away i thought we’d somehow
fall at the same time and end up together;
she/my wife/ appeared, a miracle
for a trodden boy becoming a man by himself.
she changed my mind on a lot of things, most
notably the process of happiness– that
repetitive fixation on standardization no longer
took hold, no; instead, she
felt warm to my eyes, my hands, my lips, my blood.

for candi.

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