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i have woken to
beat the odds
left for dead
hovered instead
let my mind go
let my mind go
and it’s making circles in the sky
with clouds swirling to keep up;
birds, confused, stay grounded or
attempt to get ’round it.
i see my life through a kaleidoscope:
distant, disheveled, broken, stained,
shook, shaking, individual by
appearance alone (but still uniform).
i see my life from the third-person looking back;
i can’t remember the story of my life,
but damn, it’s catchy/catchy/haunting when
i can’t think of this/that/the other/maybe
i’ve reappropriated the memories into
a sieve
which fills, surely, but leaks.

i am frankenstein
and his monster;
a world apart, a
world inside, i’m
just walking along,
minding my biz
when i gotta stop
and remember
where i’ve been, but
it’s kind of hard
when the road’s
gone, the path’s
now a mountain
slope, the world’s
become round
and i’m just
seeing a horizon/
don’t know there’s
more below, more below,
or am i the one
in wane?
bruised by ego,
i wait for purpose,
and find the daily misleading.

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