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clean, i stand

i gave myself a few days to cool down,
see that the world still revolves around
something other than me, mine, me.

held up a thousand things to take the time to be relentless,
so tiring.
and you listened the entire time,
all but my thoughts, those
wicked things waiting for peace to begreaterthan.

just a few words
and a few thoughts more:
i’ve never truly been lost,
just waiting for Him to show me
where i ought to be.
i’ve stood, standing, in where i cannot name
only to know it fondly later,
when i’ve ‘ time to see what He did with me.

just another thought
and a few words more:
i’ve never given up, except to be saved;
and i’m still waiting, yes,
i’m still waiting to repay.

the voice of an angel
wakes my soul
and i prepare
for another day
when the sun has risen
and the flat earth
holds its yellow shadow,

the glory of a day
raising me

i couldn’t see before;
here, i am who i
have become, but

like a miner for the gold,
i’ll chip away with
stroke after stroke
until you find behind me
a mound worth more
than my time ever could have been.

for what it’s worth, i’ve (yearly)
thought i should stop,
only to be driven to race across
a paper/a screen with words
like ants, but giving to.

we always make up
all part of the

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