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Even a general must leave the fort for an encampment.
-> Even a general leaves the palace for a tent.

Work is less an ideal and more a necessity of conditioning.

The blind don’t know the difference unless told; the deaf don’t know the difference unless written to; the uncaring don’t know unless having questioned themselves.

God is a moniker of The Way. If you knew this before, smile; if you know this now, laugh; if you still disbelieve, be angry with indifference.

A softened sound serves as evidence.

We are a shared existence. As one, we are a wave and not a bubble.

What makes you is you. Possessions are just a means to enhance yourself because you are not being enough of who you are.


A message of money is man-made.

On structure: Offer a person a penny, and they may not want; offer a person a million, and they will desire.

Here’s _the_ thing about God: If I think He is only what I believe Him to be, and at the same time His full greatness is unknowable, then am I not a fool who tries to fathom the unknowable? The Bible is knowable, as it is written, and is therefore not the fullness of God’s greatness, just as the thoughts in my head are not and cannot be a complete understanding of His greatness.

The blind do not know the difference unless language or thought is used to distinguish; the deaf do not know the difference unless language or thought is used to distinguish; the uncaring do not know unless language or thought is used to distinguish. What is distinguishable is wholly dependent upon the language or discernment used to promote thought beyond situation.

Going back to the thought that God’s full greatness is unknowable: We name Him many words which are pronounceable, and this is where Taoism is important to understanding, but if His full greatness is truly unknowable, then names are foolish nonsense to differentiate and segregate understandings of Him. My Mother taught me, when I was young and could not fully understand (and was therefore in a blessed time– when I could not understand what others knew and, therefore, knew I could not– and did not think I would, because, just as I stated earlier, His full greatness is unknowable; And I was closer to that understanding then)– my Mother taught me, when I was young and could not understand, that I was going to understand God in my own way, and that doing so is important; she also taught me to love others without question, and to be mindful of my actions as they affect others. My Mother, and I capitalize her in respect, feels God is a woman, as she knows Her love as warmth and caring, as a mother. Those who read this and feel a tinge of bewilderment have not yet come to terms (the only way we can try to understand) with God’s full greatness being unknowable. Calling God a male is through translation and the comprehension of our ancestors.

God is great, for He has given us/granted us/evolved us/allowed us to comprehend what cannot be known by coming to terms with, understanding, that there is more than we know; and we should not fear.

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