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This Lifetime

So, you say the days we had
Are over. I say they are some
Of my fondest memories, a
Testament to what a good thing
Can be when you don’t know
It can end. But, like you said,
“All must come to an end.” And
I shake my head slowly, knowing
You’re only right a little bit– I’d
Rather look at this lifetime, not
To the next, and– I’d rather look
At this lifetime, not the next.
Kickstarted my dying heart with
A chuckle from that corner of
The mind I hadn’t used in a while.
Looked to your face as you walked
Along the curb you kicked me to,
And you smiled the same smile
I last saw that November when
Your hands first met mine. I
Gave you a chance then, and I
Guess chance is returning to me,
So I will smile along and wipe away
The dry eyes with remember-whens
And how-abouts that now fill my
Mind but will not move my lips.

The best part is, we’ll be back together

Forgiveness follows us to the ends
Of the Earth, proving we can never
Run from who we are to be, as fate
Calls us by name and God loves
An agenda filled with coincidence,
Never a dependence on circumstance,
Despite the consequences, though all
Is in His great plan, which we see after.

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