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LOVE your God

You cannot have only faith in the Lord. You cannot have hope in our Lord. You should LOVE our Lord, wholly and completely. With your LOVE in your Lord, you will trust. With your LOVE in your Lord, you will know. And trusting, and knowing, through LOVE will release you from the bonds of anxiety; your LOVE for God breaks your chains of human condition, of, “I need,” and, “what will happen…”. Forget that you need. Forget that you are curious of your own demise. LOVE your God. LOVE supplants necessity. LOVE works within your spirit, shaking off your words and baking you in God’s. Know how you can tell what your partner, your parents, your friends, your siblings, your cousins are thinking when nothing has been said? God knows you without your needing to say a word. God LOVES you, and with that LOVE, your God gives you everything before you know you have a need for it. Do the same. LOVE God to where you feel God’s presence. LOVE God to where God’s own LOVE comes through. This isn’t a one-way LOVE, having one without. This is God’s LOVE.

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