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I don’t care to write stylized and metered verse. I like to be raw. I like to jot down how I feel and give it to the world. The very small world that reads these.

Honestly– to be completely honest– I don’t take ownership of what I write. That allows me a freedom to always disavow intent to be good. It’s silly to say an uncut diamond is dull; of course it is when unpolished. I always say my work is unedited, unfinished, “just an idea.” Really, it’s not loved enough to be revised. Sure, when one or two stick out, I’ll edit them and act like I’ve taken the time to grow them as a form of art, but really I just didn’t want to show them THAT raw. I have like 2 (!) poems that I think of when I recall what I’ve written, and that’s it. I’ve literally written thousands (don’t think this site has everything– I save a few for myself if too whimsical or personal or confusing, and a few out of thousands adds up). I’m nearing my 500th poem on this site. That hasn’t escaped my gentle humility, and I’ve thought of how to make sure the poem uploaded as the 500th is as normal as the rest. But, truth is, I don’t want it to be. I want to be the writer I can be, having been through what I have and going through what I am now. No life is ordinary, and few are not worth reading. Those few would be of the vain. No, I know the 500th will be typical. Otherwise, I may not meet expectations, and that would set me back.

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