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Yeah, yeah,
You use to see me by the road
Helped yourself to an eye full
While I couldn’t help myself,
But that’s how life is
For the most part, brilliant,
But then a moment comes
That turns you from where
You once were, takes your
Eyes from the slide to the
Landing– where I knew
You’d find me, eventually,
Love, Yours Truly.

How? How? How? How
Many ways you take my breath away
When I try to remember, but
But, but, but, then another comes
And I’m left wondering how many
More you’ll come up with– Jazz
Hands to Air Dry, another day, another
Way you’re breaking my heart–‘s
walls to be closer to he who
You know has many more to go!
How? How? How? How many
Times will you break my heart–‘s
Walls before you check my pulse that
Way you do when being you:
A beauty with a brain, main
Love/main squeeze, and a
Penchant for the dramatic cheese?

Replay. Wind it back, let it go, do it again like Groundhog Murray–
I like this beat– nah, love it–
Holdin my head in a sway
Like I’m runnin and still–
Stuck like a fall, yeah, for you–
But, wait! You capture me
With words I’ve never heard,
Like, “hehe,” “haha,” “baaaby!”
And what I got? Nada, babe,
But smirk and bit/smirk and bit
My lips to show you how you
Got me feelin to/every/day/again.

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