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A Dimly Lit Marble Floor Redux

I once forgot myself at the counter of
A convenience store, remembering
Only when I was halfway outside the
Door leading in where IthoughtI was.

Every once in my mind, I fall to knees
To learn of me; a hidden segment of
The populace, holding/gone from my
Own thoughts, a brittle belief in who
I thought I was, broken by memories
Come fading in, lost before, but my
Remembering does a damn fine job
When I don’t want it to. Typical.

I crawled my eyes along a pavement
Of fallen rocks and lines left behind,
With barely a thought given they who
Straightened such bare landscape, set
A structure not easily seen until
begun to be finished in an entirety.

While walking, I saw her standing
By the rear of our car, waiting for
Me to catch up to reality; a common
Habit for her, she who has faith…
And in me.

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