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when i sit n rip to shreds all those thoughts
that led me to dispair– i rejoice in His name,
hold your hand and regain my fame/self-centered
recollections of a life i lived yet you don’t know.
it’s not all about the benjies, though that kid
could solve a crime better than scoob, sometimes
you have to just let it happen/take ya lumps,
grab a chunk of chest and scream out the demons/
they’re not that powerful, after all, just pains
you can relieve yaself of through meditation,
consternation, an ability to see what ails you
so it doesn’t pale you/ending up dead isn’t the worst
it’s sometimes the only way out– if you’ a coward.
so, how many times did you cry before you realized
that watered eyes only keep you down more, not a raise
like praise can bring? it’s ok, though, we’re all young
and unsure of ourselves before we find the way to see
life from the objective– so scary, yeah, when you
can’t tell where the punchline lies/when you lock on
and don’t let go of the figments of imagination running wild
like lightning bugs through a windshield/a blaze and
splatter– don’t mean to be cruel, but you know you’ve
been there, holding onto a, ‘maybe,’ a, ‘won’t be,’
though you just did and try to hide behind who you
wish you were, not who you’ve been revealed to be.
i use to take a beat and spit it back/stutter/rewind
and begin again.  i keep it raw like sinew/hold my head
high and try not to see how bad the storm is brewing–
baaaaaah, nah, can’t reach me in my bunker, here, the
hole in the ground i longed for to bury my embarassment/
but i feel strong now, somehow uncovering myself to be
covered by He who knows me in the finest sense of
the word.

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  1. djblur djblur November 7, 2010

    lol, I have a document on my desktop called Yeah.txt right now too

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