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holding our breath/about to turn blue/seeing the stars ahead/believe it’s coming true/i
told you
a while ago
the world would be ours–
just wait with me until/
we’ve found that happy
medium, ourselves–
you bring me joy beyond any smile
i could face–
it’s all about the comfort, i’m
never afraid so long as i’ve got to be your man–
i cannot hold on to the rationale–
I cannot be far from you
when you feel so far from me;
I must be at your fingertips,
arm let loose/hands firm–
I cannot be far from you
when the day comes
and I’m still in the nighttime
hoping the dawn comes
but I can’t drive that fast,
it’s more about patience for
the long-run/homerun,
i’m seeing stars and about to
be in the galaxy with you,
my baby, baby,
my wife, love,
my partner/spouse,
love, wife, my
baby, baby, mine.

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