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Why I Love and

So, today I received a call that my GoDaddy account had auto-renewed and charged my bank account. “Great…,” I thought, as I had switched’s registrar & host last January.

On the phone with GoDaddy and their rep, Ryan, I was able to have my account’s auto-renew cancelled (which I had neglected to do last year, ##@$!) as well as the charges reversed (pending). I’m just so thankful to have them call– I don’t think any other hosting site would for a simple auto-renew.

That’s why I love GoDaddy, and why I may switch back to them once my current hosting expires. However, as Ryan understood, my loyalty is to my wallet and not a provider (though service like today’s may trump a couple bucks). By the way, the reason why I switched from GoDaddy to my current host was due to a special pricing on hosting, not GoDaddy’s service or raunchy commercials.

Now, why do I love LastPass? Well, it automatically saves generated passwords for sites, meaning if I forget to save a site after changing its password, LastPass is there with the randomly-generated one I may have used. Totally damn excellent. Also, they have a ‘View Deleted Sites,’ option in the case that I accidentally delete a wanted site. Perfect!

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