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under Your influence, Lord, i sway and fall to knees

under Your influence, Lord, i sway and fall to knees; You replenish me in perfect love of life; Your word moves the candle’s light without extinguishing the flame; Your wave washes my sins to be the ground i walk upon, taller than i’ve ever been; You hold my head to see the horizon and know Your love is everywhere; You take my arms to be as marionette in walk of the calling You’ve placed on me; You are the sweetest soft brushing against my cheeks when i could not see Your presence before me;You are the stranger who was so familiar and loving without my knowing He was You; i cry before You, as i lay myself at Your feet to wash them with my tears; You are my Friend when i feel alone, my Shade when i feel the flame, my life’s Greatest Joy, my Faithful King and Comedian; You are my God, my Lord, my Savior whose gift i cannot count, immeasurable.

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