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untitled posts

Many may see posts of mine without a title.  This is deliberate, and here is my reasoning:

When I start to write, I don’t think of a title anymore; I write to express a feeling or thought, and where I start is usually where I’d like the work to begin.  Of course, I wasn’t always this way, and I will probably not be for much longer.  My old writings would try to encompass a small thought into a larger scene or full-out idea.  I feel as though I spent more time trying to stitch around that small thought rather than writing, which may be why I now just forgo the idea of a title or theme.

Titles are meant for works that don’t always fit or fit too well the overall idea of a work (sarcasm/irony vs. natural outcome), and can be wielded with great power to engage the reader.  I don’t really believe too many of my works as of late have been in need of a title, as they are small doodles or scribbles, rather than full-out artistic works.  I am notorious for (not) finishing a piece and moving to the next, as a sort of, “that’s done; no need to tweak it now; where to next?”

Now, this whole, “no titling!” can drive you/me crazy when working with a site, as you may see by trying to differentiate between titled and untitled posts.  WordPress uses the number of a post as a sort of assigned title, but they don’t create links to the posts that are untitled.  I will find an answer and update when I have.


And, just like that, WordPress and their Plugin architecture comes through:  Blogger Title Fix by Poco

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