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sometimes you regrow roots

Gave the kittens a bath each yesterday. Jack clawed and screamed, but Reluctance was calm and kind. Had to re-teach them how to play with our cloth-hangy-thingy. they eventually started pawing with it. they live in the couch, so playing, to them, has been alienated for 3 months. we must develop their sense of pleasure into an active happiness, rather than a fearful tolerance of Kitti.

purple passion plant had grown roots this week, but they buoyed themselves out of, and the leaflets into, the water. had to plant them right away, but the roots were so craned that they couldn’t be in the soil with the leaves above. had to remove one leaf and the bend to put it back into the water to regrow roots. trying to save the split-off leaf, too.

new car .

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