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Posts published in May 2008

sometimes you regrow roots

Gave the kittens a bath each yesterday. Jack clawed and screamed, but Reluctance was calm and kind. Had to re-teach them how to play with our cloth-hangy-thingy. they eventually started pawing with it. they live in the couch, so playing, to them, has been alienated for 3 months. we must develop their sense of pleasure into an active happiness, rather than a fearful tolerance of Kitti.

purple passion plant had grown roots this week, but they buoyed themselves out of, and the leaflets into, the water. had to plant them right away, but the roots were so craned that they couldn’t be in the soil with the leaves above. had to remove one leaf and the bend to put it back into the water to regrow roots. trying to save the split-off leaf, too.

new car .

See Me After Class

Sometimes you have to stay tuned in as to not miss anything as anything is what tells you the story; sometimes you have to look away and know you are missing something, something that may change your view, so you know that what you knew and what you will know may be closer than if separated by what you now know, even if you are allknowing.

Where Young

We are young, you and I;
the epitome of style,
justified by our place
in society’s higher.

We are young, you and I,
and spend many breathings
of our hearts without
seeing one -others’ movings,
though know we are
but voices away,
in feelings of warmth
long past any normal home’s

We are young, you and I,
here to be as fore-thought
memories: the times
in change’s grasp
as seasons looked
from distant past..

and I hold these times,
as real as you,
and know they are
but many in few
fleeted glimpses of
what makes us Us
and who we are
as who we were

Sorry for the disjointed style; it doesn’t flow for me, either. The message is out, though, and I can rework it later.


50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested for the Kitchen:

eating a pb&j

i’m eating a pb&j which is on rye and made with spreadable fruit (blueberry) and natural peanut butter (the oily kind). it’s ok.

candi has this thing where she eats rye bread, and i love it, but it’s hard to fit the slices into the takealongs rubbermaid containers for sandwiches. the containers are square, whereas the rye bread (cobblestone) is rectangular. very odd. i guess corners can be lifted and it will be okay.

candi just called from work and i loves that girl.


i’m happiness today. she brightens many aspects of this life and i thank her as much as i can for it. i love you, candi!

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