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windows vista drivers always goes to windows update

i don’t know what i did. perhaps, through my infinite tweaking-dumb, i’ve stumbled upon a rare case of, “make vista always search windows update for drivers, and no where else.” every single time i plug something into my computer, the drivers are never found at windows update. i blame a constant ability to buy niche gadgets and clearance items.

how to make vista find drivers (working!!!!ilovedemonoid):

1. allow windows to find the drivers itself, or try to. when failed, select, “Browse my computer for driver software,” and continue.
2. in the, “Search for driver software in this location:,” box, put, “%systemroot%system32” (without quotes). Also, check, “Include subfolders.” Hit, “Next,” and all shall be right with the world. Driver installation takes a while, but, when/if found, the drivers work almost better than those found in manufacturer setups, simply because the fluff is removed.

Do be knowledgeable about what you’re doing, though, as I, nor any partner of Microsoft, may be held accountable for your actions. I always wanted to say that.

Be well and prosper.


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