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western digital my book is da sux

okay, so here’s the deal: my western digital my book essential 250gb decided to start acting funny. slow boot times (windows vista), slow seek times, etc. i decided, against the hard drive’s decision, to switch from fat32 (default) to ntfs with compression. voila! hard drive is faster, etc. against my better judgment, i also uninstalled the device drivers for the WD, since it started acting a fool and didn’t recognize the NTFS partition. easy to fix: just go to device manager, select the, “Unknown Devices,” and, “Update Driver Software…” select, “Browse my computer for driver software,” point to “%systemroot%system32” and check, “Include subfolders.” yeah, it’ll find a generic, “Disk drive,” driver, which works flawlessly. if you have multiple partitions, you may have to do the same for each, “Unknown Device,” under the device manager. plain and simple. no real reboot required, no shifting of shit, etc.

what i’ve learned:

1) ntfs with vista is faster (and silent) in comparison with fat32
2) %systemroot%system32 is the best place for drivers. and vista sucks at finding drivers. it has an unnecessary knack for only looking through windows update. horrid concoction.

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