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Logitech Music Anywhere, Windows Vista, and foobar2000

Logitech Music Anywhere barely works with Windows Vista. You must go into, “Playback Devices,” from your, “Sound,” Control Panel app. (or through the speaker tray icon), and select, “Speakers: Logitech Music Anywhere USB Transmitter,” and click, “Set Default.” This isn’t that big of a deal, because the program at least works with Vista through this method, but it makes the tray icon provided by its own software, Logitech Music Anywhere, pretty much useless.

foobar2000 requires the foo_winamp_spam component ( to emulate Winamp half-what properly, and this is also, I assume, required to make the Music Anywhere IR remote control foobar2000. The stop button pretty much stops and plays, and the play/pause is finicky, but, once again, this works.

Maybe I should just switch back to iTunes or WinAmp and make this work 100%. Maybe. Mayb– nah. foobar2000 is lighter, quicker, and more nimble on its component side. Yeah.

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  1. Sardonic Sardonic April 11, 2007

    where’d all the poetry go?

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