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your paradise is now. you know nothing other than your situation, and the situations of those allowing you to know them, whether through their shortcomings, or their boastings. your ability is based solely on who you can become, not who you are. i never believed the world was anything more than this ship, which we ride, and allow ourselves to traverse the galaxy with. i now think we are so unimpressionable that we are implanted with thoughts derived from those around us, and, as such, are some amalgamation of those we’ve seen and been around, and, therefore, are only ourselves when taken from those, or walking from those, and giving ourselves a chance to accept the light which abounds the entire world. just as a plant takes a millennium to evolve to accept shade and shadow as its only source of light, we are evolving to accept only shade and shadow in prominence, and to do away with, unless artfully done, our light’s source.

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