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static catches
a snag somewhere
the same words said
just seem to take
so many times to be said
but all that’s okay now
since you’re where you are and
you’re so far from being here;
knock, knock, and the door
swings shut/i
lied a lot, said some things
i wish i could/i can never take back
i fault myself for that
i fault myself for not being
more of a friend before
but now that’s okay now
since you’re so done with me
that nothing nothing no one can
tell you how i ever felt
but me/
you can listen to these
and see i’m sincere
but without telling you
all you meant to me
these are just empty prophecies
of what may have been
but what may have been
may one day be all we’ll ever have;
i lost you once
and never lost you again
because you never came back;
i had you once
and never had you again
because you never came back;
i held out a hand
rotten to the core
and don’t blame you
can only blame myself for
you not taking what i offered
but know
know these words mean nothing
with their catches, stum’bl’ings,
raking the truth
so littered by our memories
and all that was never said
or said too much again.

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