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Posts published in March 2007

About the ASUS G1 Direct Messenger

About the Asus G1 Direct Messenger

christopher staines to m.mierzwa

5:06 am (41 minutes ago)

I’m not sure if you’ve found any method to show current settings
dynamically with Direct Messenger, but I did find something nifty:

If you browse to, “Program FilesASUSASUS Direct ConsoleICON,”
you’ll notice that each icon is 32×32, and named, “icon_###.bmp.” I
then created (copied) my own icon into the folder and named it,
“icon_022.bmp,” and this was then added to the, “My personal settings,”
icon list. Pretty nifty.

Some limitations to consider:

1. Each icon must be 32×32, though I’m pretty sure you can change the
width, but the height is based on what the OLED can display, so that’s
maxed at 32. A maximum of 6 icons may be displayed at once on the OLED.

2. Each icon must be a bitmap. I tried GIFs and JPGs, but JPGs say,
“Bitmap image is invalid.” and GIFs aren’t even recognized.

3. Each icon must be greyscaled, or equivalent. Notice the blue on
black– that’s because the OLED has no greying at all. It’s either
lit or it isn’t. I’m pretty sure some nifty Photoshop/Paint/Gimp
techniques could be used to make the illusion of shading, but I wasn’t
able to achieve this.

I hope this has helped you. I’m pretty sure there would also be a way
to hook into the Chkol.exe and make it dynamically display a message.


To kill the Direct Messenger display (and all running Direct Console software, including Chkol.exe, D3DCheck.exe, and LCMP.exe),
you can run the KWin.exe application, located in, “Program
FilesASUSASUS Direct Console.” I added a shortcut to this in my Startup folder, as I don’t particularly like the ASUS logo being shown 24/7.

Share this information with whomever you want, but, please, if you
find a way to dynamically update the OLED, let me know. I love
tweaking stuff, but I haven’t the willpower to sit down and reverse
the Chkol.exe software.


i keep becoming
on words i know not,
phrases i’ve said
yet give no hint towards their meanings, truth.

i say such things as,
“i wish the world would stop
turning, so i may..”
and others, too, i say:
“i realize what words
are worth, though eyes
lead more to be known.”

i catch myself
being caught on them,
as though what i’ve said
already is not enough,
and i am caught,
in turn of phrase/of
lung’d wind, and i
hold out their clarity,
though they be but brief,
as thoughts,
clouded-climbing, climb
and fall, as though an
emperor being tossed
to pit through air
of all.

and what a memory i have, this
confused grin, all but wordings in
a solid stance, a state i knew
but follow not, as though my head,
in slump,
went through the turnings of the mind,
forced to be, eternally, in lack of ‘wind.

i wish
i were normal,
though i know
i am anything but.

i wish
i were able to sustain a thought for longer
than the words take to escape.
i wish i were not afraid,
and held out my hand,
rather than keep it close,
and turned, palm-down,
as i may help others–
no, that i do not wish,
as they always need help,
and, by being this way,
i, and they, both benefit.

i wrestle with my fingers
to type a single sentence,
and i wonder how crazy i am.

i feel half-made, half-wandered,
likening myself to some cloud,
whose grey-belly’d drag of sky
leads, eventually, toward
drenchings of those fortunate few

there was a chore i once completed,
i believe it was taking out the trash,
and that one was, to me, a make up of
all priors, incomplete; how selfish
the childish mind, when thinking
only of the actions, mine, and with no real resemblance
to a child, daughter, son, of one whose
wishes were as simple as
to push a mop or vacuum.

knowledge is but knowing,
holding on to what is you,
and giving back some piece,
autonomous as that may be.

[{()}]see the eye for what it’s worth:
great craftsmanship,
and little else;
or, better, hold the body
in breeze, and know,
through motions, movements,
breathes the world,
this, and these.


i don’t think sunrises exist, though.  i think they’re just a propaganda, giving everyone an excuse to rise early.  but i say fuck that, yo.  i’m not rising early for that, just to see some myth.  i’m not.  i’m just not going to.  stop poking me.  i said i’m not.  don’t you dare.  i’ll– alright, i’ll wake up early.