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Those above us, only through politics, are not who we want. We want competence. We want the ability to be heard, seen, read, and talked about without the worry or fear or shelter of feeling as though our Country, this Great Land, is not seen as being as Spiritual and Holy a place as WE believe it to be; as we KNOW it to be. I fear for those who will grow, who will age in a world unknowing of the ever-sought peace, and that this aggressive institution, this, “terror of war,” will be their livelihood, just as our parents’ was the Cold War, Vietnam, and just as the Great Wars were their parents’, and their parents’ was the Civil. Can we know peace, can we not know war? What is given through this war that we are not striving, through peace, toward? Knowledge knows only limitations, and Life knows of no boundaries. What are we to say that we are both allowing for and knowing/aware of what is being done in Our name, America, United of States?

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