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i promised a long time ago that this site would not be used as some sort of entry-system for a personal log. i would keep this site short, with only writings/scribbles and useful information. over the past few weeks, i’ve sort of divided time between doing just that, and allowing myself to deviate from doing so.


i have grey hairs. i’m 23, and i have grey hairs. i’m stressed, i’m tired, i’m constantly worried, and i’m a shaking little animal in a corner, whose only outlet is through allowing everything to proceed, because i’m too wrapped up in my own torment to stop and realize that this is just a life, not some sacred mission. but it is, and i’ll continue to be who i am. for that, i’m sorry. i’ll never be a happy person, unless i am, and i’ll never be fully satisfied, until i am. that’s how it/this/life/breathing/acceptance goes.

i’m fucking weak.

and i’m sorry for wasting your time with my personal life. this site will go back to its regularly scheduled poetry.

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