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yeaaah, right.

shit. i’m sorry these take so long. i like hording things. especially writings and words. you’re probably not reading this, or one of you is, and you’re thinking, “what’s he doing?” i’m setting you up to read. i like that.

i like the whole, “this won’t be good.” i revel in it, for i do the same. it’s how you can come away satisfied, no matter what; you either feel as though you’ve pre-scripted life, which is somewhat of a rush/a sense of control, or you feel surprised, shocked by what’s transpired/what’s gone from, “this won’t,” to, “oh.” hah. k.

watched a youtube of leonard cohen. he’s a good writer.

you should check ferlinghetti, william carlos williams, or john donne, as well.

some commercials

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