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Perhaps, though known

Perhaps, though known
through only the most
educated of guesses, an
instance much close to
one at hand lies within
the thousands, years,
previously held in sway
for climate’s progression
from solidity, ice,
toward tropics, ‘canoes;
the always-there, yet
covered world we know
exists now, but know,
in some fashion, existed
prior to our arrival/
spark of move toward
current– yet, to say
such things came easily
is to put aside difficulties
stretching the spread of
continents, of lands, unseen,
yet traversed, conquered,
given an image, human
in nature– the deepest
core from which a
‘ruption of emotion comes
for mother, land, father,
thought, and all which may
come from search, despite
the calamity– such
calm from search, from
purpose, not found, or
given to– such
calm from knowing
all as is is as only is
and not as could,
perhaps may,
be soon or later, still.

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