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Wind speaks,

Wind speaks,
in ways as horn of car, screech of wailer,
brush of breeze/a light touch upon the cheek or knees,
the symphony/dotted through beak of bird,
the pattern of a dragon’s flight, the
hum of bee, the wave of hand, the
rise of breast, of stomach, full,
a diaphragm, a mouth, eyes
let shut;
Wind speaks,
if you care to listen/
take care to wait/to
wade within
Wind’s ‘lightened lake;
Wind holds
your breath,
a give of take, and
, still, watches,
silent, sought,
for your return to Wind,
your leaving but a voyage,
short, yet lengthened, shook
to core, as though in
plummet, you held
to what you know must go
and, return/a prodigal/more.

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