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modified What is sexy?/alluring?/intriguing?/desired?

What is sexy?/alluring?

From what thought/what obsession
/what force/what goal/what
does the want of traits come?

To some, meek
is refreshing/susceptible
/allowing of a passings-by
/an inquisition/of a try.

To others, curvatures
, full and trim/a firmness
hollered at to be lusted in.

To few, though many
they be, a discontent/a
master/slave pursued as the.

To you, perhaps, a professional
/pundit, brought to thought
or clarity by means, monetary?

To I, sought is she
, who be, by any single wording
, less like herself than likely me
 in fumbled search o’r open sea
, as lit by Moon, a ray of ‘flect’on/’re
. In scrape of shine, flick’ring, she
 sells short her wait, but more her beauty.

One Comment

  1. sarah. sarah. June 22, 2006

    both versions are lovely. i’m impressed, as always.

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