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scouting and rounding by

Would you rather be a comet
Traveling at tremendous speeds,
crashing/flashing/scooting by,
shedding/leaving/always coming
or would you be content to spin
in stabled motions, affectionately
scouting and rounding by
as though a planet, sitting,
in wait of bumps and bruises
as though waves skirted like
a ship on cruise in find of
the most fantastic voyage
would you prefer to be sharpened to,
relinquishing cast for deepest view,
sliding spartan in dance with they you
cannot get away from
or would you wish to be the clearest
marking of the sea, a buoy, weighted,
rushing by in twirl of others’ worlds,
broke to breaking and breaking, still,
lifting to be portal, fixed, burnt of smile
or would you
be opened to purpose
of being here, a
slight sting of pain to be
washed away/let slip,
looked on as though
there’s more to know
than to be seen,
as though
wind breaks not
o’er skin/through hairs/
on back/in breath/loaded,
heavy with the cause of
the lifting sea what-breed/be,
locked for amusement,
twinge of euk’s as prok’s
know more, but, still,
we wonder
what the reason is
and find only calm in
tiring– well,
here’s to the
rush of exciting claims,
here’s to the
rise without know of fail
and here’s
to the worst and the frail/
here’s to the strong and the meek/
here’s to the reality,

you’re welcomed here.

   ‘affectionate’ from the weakerthans’ “affectionate embrace”, ‘spartan’ from val kilmer’s “spartan”, ‘euks as proks’ from isaac asimov’s “the secret of the universe”, ‘to be washed away’ from oasis’ “champagne supernova” and “wonderwall”.

No matter your perception, you are within what is all-encompassing, what is beyond sight and sound and your touch, and only known through cognition, though the others help tremendously.

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