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The covering yawn of air,

The covering yawn of air, full-held to be escaped, to be fading from the voice’d roar, in rush of crowd, of millions, bowl’d to be as risers of the fallen, to be as harvests, loosened [rocked, rounded in the loosened soil], let sit, climbed-over, rolled in upward glance-foot/swift lifting of the core to see the fields, laid strewn/laid, stained in corpses, light held off in festive linings of the shadow-flashes, dots as stars, inversed to held as swarm, wing’ing ‘llipsed as toward goal, in twist of glances, spun, o’er heads, and distance, covering, as does solstice, ‘splosion, Sun, a whistle, pitched too high from ears of skin, though all lies through as lies in, and, cross stones, stuck, though ever-loose, hands reach, to be left at fevered swipe’ings in movements, gestives in their nature, given as clappings for the strain

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