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i’ll put it in a note

i’ll put it in a note

“don’t forget me”
squi/rumbles the
unfed, unthought of gut,
though a bit bellow belly
and more to the rear..

clamped, wishy-washy/tight,
the shoulder-high head to side,tilted,
a slant to see as eyes take,
the too-distant touchings
from a universe outside the skin,
the ah-waving hairs of tip
and, lost, i follow, back
inside to wait for chance,
a happy stance i may not know

veins, twisting, tighten, brought fluid with the thought of something more, something outside, yet i am there, on the outside, seeing/feeling/touching/knowing/breathing/intaking all and yet i know nothing of them, except the weather/the calm/the rush of wind on palm from fingers, tracing thought in rabid raze of thinkers’ pace and though i sink farther, i rise, i rain as cloud upon these keys, to know where storm may lead, and though i feel a sense of calm, this rage, this flash, lingers on
to where, i know not, yet go, a hollow vessel, filling, leaking, holding close the image/clear, a brightened path brought close by taken steps/stairs/stares at blank, and dark, at shadow/red of veins

to chris maine: read the first two lines and the last two.

scouting and rounding by
and it snows.

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