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There were three siblings of Mormyrid,
a fam’ly nigh you’l’ve seen.
Stance was staunch in they, these electric three,
from bubbling in a stream.

When asked what way they’d kiss,
one said, of slight, they’d likely miss,
in fear of sight or grow’ of cyst,
as loosened draws a tight to this.
Other, wanting, ‘scribed of stranger,
swift in task, a pose of danger,
drawing scene, a dream, of window, hanger,
hastened to by call of anchor.
Third held highest heart, their fasting beat,
drawn of flight, a spark in keep,
to be, lips know, as strong, but meek,
for wait is worth more than who may seek.

There were three siblings of Mormyrid,
"yes. what is time? what is time, but a fubbling of the mind,

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