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“You know the hesitation with

“You know the hesitation with courting a queen?”
“No, I think I don’t.”
“One must be willing to consider one’s self a king, before consorting with a queen.”
“No, I believe that is not so. The same may be said of all roles you lay on others.”
“Yes, but who else would a queen deserve? Who would be the deserver a queen, if not a king alone?”
“Now that, I believe, is the question easily answered. By knowing the roles are but monikers, bestowed, but rarely followed, you may these games avail and find the root of a person, as we are discussing matters of a person here, and not an intangible.”

"yes. what is time? what is time, but a fubbling of the mind,
as they climb, she finds grip of branchen'd tree as lift from ground to sky,

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