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I sit
and I tap
these keys
follows me
across this body,
into you.

I’ve sat and watched
the wind swirl on by,
roaring in my ears
with a warning:
young man,
you are alive.
Open your mind,
open your eyes.
Break your thought
if for a moment
to picture
who I am,
your Lord
and your Savior
and your Lover
and your Father.
I am your Mother, Son,
and your Follower.
Bring to them
they who wish to learn
as they are learning now
a way unknown to me.

There is a spot
within the head,
within the chest,
where all are
as babies, caught,

Fill their needs, My Scribe,
fill their needs
so they may know
and they may see
who I am:
your Lord,
your Savior,
your Mother,
your Father,
and your Son.

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