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just as you pass,

just as you pass,
i stop in walk
to ‘llow you rush over me;
your touch,
from distance, calmed
to cool the skin
as heart, rising, rises in cage
for feel of you.
your shadow-movement,
motioned a’top and ‘neath
the hands, the palms,
knucks, forearms,
cheeks, face,
inhale you,
hoping fore to know you i
may hold you inside,
filling lungs and chest
and cavity of the mind
with what radiance
you wash the skies..
i exhale,
pushing me from me to you,
from pit of lung and chest,
vitality of mind,
as, crushed, the cage collapses
so to ‘llow
my wind play ‘mongst yours
so you may know me same.

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