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should i throw some dirt

should i throw some dirt
upon this, my puppy-
brown coat, perhaps
draw you in to see i
need your help here,
i need someone to
hold on to when i
slip into those drag-
downs, tallied up to
push me down when
i try, i rise, i fall again
but i’ll push harder now
maybe i’ll become a
man, a responsibility’s–
will you let me know
or should i guess at
some other ocassion,
not when these hands
keep lifting me from
free-falling, you raise me
to float, to peak, to
drift, caught in you
in spin in thought of
you, a line i drew
to never cross, as
we’re not meant to..


poison’d, lobed,

faught to say it, but you know i’d never be able to love you as you need be,

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