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i never thought i would know

i never thought

i would know

where these words would take me,

where they would go, but

now i see it’s

not about who i am

not about who i want to be

but about being

a man, being

who i ought to be–

i chased

these thoughts and

found they fall infront of you,

at your feet, they’ve stopped,

humbled, broken, pieced together with

a sense of urgency and you kneel for them,

holding a corner up and

feeling the coarse fabric fail to crumble,

the weight too much, a

thousand pixels tear to ride in air, in

breath you breathe– they tremble, falter,

shatter to be brought back to reality

on the stone-bare floor,


cold ‘cept for your eyes, marching

in stance of soldier, piecing together with

a thoughtful imagination all that could have

been said but laid down instead, and you

lay your hand, lay the corner down to

pool of paper, propped on what

was never given, but offered, before you,

in hope you’d

want to know–

every bit/every particle of

these manuscripts, like

molecules built to perfected rose,

petal:dark in blood-driven pump of heart,


walked along your fence today,

noticing the criss-crossed pegs

still rotting, grown over with

the soggy rains, but

in summer’s bright-baking warmth, they’ll

dry ‘fore too long

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