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“I want to.”

“I want to.”
“Why would I want to?”
“Should I want to?”
“Have I wanted to?”
“Why have I wanted to?”
“Who would want to?”
“What would I want?”
“How would I want to?”
“What would I want to?”
“Still wanting to?”
“Should I have wanted to?”
“Sure wanted to.”
“Sure want to.”
“Sure, I’d want to.”
“Who made me want to?”
“Why do I want to?”
“Want to.”
“Can’t want to.”
“Shouldn’t want to.”
“Would this bowl want me to?”
“Why would this bowl want me to?”
“Why do I?”
“How do I?”
“Is this worth…?”


  1. Jared Jared February 9, 2006

    What do you mean by bowl?

    Are you questiong drug use?

    I’m probably being ignorant.

  2. c. staines c. staines February 9, 2006

    the scrap pretty much just details different thought processes involved in making a decision. yeah, it’s about a bowl/pipe.

  3. bekah bekah February 12, 2006

    wow i never took you as the type to smoke. niceeee.

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